A (belated) reading plan


Thing one:

I realized while I was writing my post on Night of the Iguana that I had never posted about who or what my so-called "Non-Structured Book Group," with whom I read that play, actually ARE. Now, I know we're "non-structured," but my failure even to mention our existence is a little bit lacking in organization, even by our low standards. My apologies to my blogging buddies Richard, Frances, Sarah, and Claire, not to mention E.L. Fay, who all deserve much better!

So, for the benefit of anyone who hasn't already found out elsewhere, here is our plan, and please join in for one, two, or all the books in question. We'll be posting about the following, on or around the last Friday of the relevant month:

We'd love to have you read along for any of the remaining books, and my apologies for not posting sooner!

Thing two:

I'm in the midst of reading both the Perec (which is quite hefty) in English, and Emile Zola's 600-page Germinal in the original French; between the two, I probably won't be posting as much as usual during April. Both books are excellent, though, so it's definitely worth it so far!


  • Oh, thanks for reminding me. I need to do a post about this too.

  • I was very much hoping I'd be able to read Perec this month as I have owned it for years and haven't gotten to it yet. But alas, it is not to be. I am, however, looking forward to hearing about it. I am especially looking forward to June though and Moo Pak. I hope you all love it!

  • Emily, now I don't need to propose a name change to the "Anonymous Non-Structured Book Group" anymore! Which is kind of sad 'cause all groups with "anonymous" in their names have to serve doughnuts as part of their bylaws if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, continued happy reading, my fellow Francophile friend!

  • In a long tradition of posts by yourself, I am now looking at this list going 'oh dear, I haven't even HEARD of these.' Except Tender Morsels! Which is a beautiful, beautiful book. Not like the stuff I normally see you review. But beautiful.

  • EL Fay: Oh, I thought you did one! Well, at least we can be stragglers together. :-)

    Stefanie: I suggested Moo Pak based on your fantastic review! I'm very much looking forward to it as well. Sounds like you're having a crazy month, but hopefully you can enjoy the Perec from afar.

  • Richard: Doughnuts ahoy! (Who needs to add anything more?) ;-)

    Jason: I hadn't heard of most of them, either! We all made two suggestions, so lots of these are new to me, including Tender Morsels, which I think will be a big departure for Richard & I, but about which I've heard GREAT things.

  • Just keep reading. Just keep reading. This is actually a very good month. Have not read this type of volume in years. And to Richard, I think that we have still to write our bylaws, correct? Doughnuts are always a possibility!

  • Your list looks great! If I weren't feeling as though I already had enough reading commitments, I would want to join you. Sigh. But perhaps I can read along with one or two books, if the timing is right.

  • I'm so impressed that at this stage of the game, you're reading Germinal in French. It makes me consider turning around and pulling my copy off the shelf...

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