Commenting Conundrum


Oh, technology.

Guys, I really did try my level best to take away the comments captcha (that little box where you type in letters and numbers). I hear you that it sucks. However, when I take it off and put my spam filtering threshold at "4," I get deluged with 100+ spam messages a day - which, as I'm sure you understand, makes me want to leave the internet, never to return. When I put the threshold at "5," it thinks even I am spam when I try to comment on my own blog. Solutions? Do you find the ReCaptcha boxes less annoying than the standard ones? They seem less "Blair Witch Project" and more "The Prisoner" to me, although I'm not totally sure that's preferable. They also harness the powers of commenting for the good of humanity, by helping to digitize books and newspapers. Which is pretty cool, I think.

For now, we are putting ReCaptcha on in lieu of the old one, and I sincerely apologize to those of you who find it frustrating. Of the options I'm familiar with, I think it's the best compromise for now, but I'm open to suggestions! Although not to the idea of requiring sign-in with OpenID, which I hate with a fiery passion. Nor to the idea of converting to WordPress. So, I guess I'm somewhat open to suggestions. :-)


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  • Let's give it a try! Better than my comments not showing up, right? Let's just assume this will work! Here goes.

  • I had a lot of trouble with the old one. I started taking a copy of my comment before hitting submit, so I could paste it back in when it failed! This one looks a bit easier.

  • I also had trouble with old one, so hope this works much easier. :)

  • Oh thank goodness! It is not the word verification that I did not like, it was the word verification you had. It hated me for reasons I cannot fathom. It never worked and I love commenting on your blog so I'm very happy with the new system.

  • Fret not sweet one, I read a lot of blogs, and I will say that the majority of the blogs (those worth their salt) that I frequent have some sort of captcha or recaptcha. Just part of the price of being famous, I 'spose! ;)

  • I had a lot of problems w/ your old word verification too, so I'm excited to see the change. ;) I'm glad that Wordpress has such a good spam filter, otherwise I'm sure I'd have to use verification too.

  • I see word verification as a necessarily evil in this world full of bizarre people. So I don't mind typing letters and numbers - better that than seeing the awful spam that everyone gets!

  • Well, on the bright side, I'm glad you guys are excited about the new system, but on the other side I now feel like a jerk for leaving the old one on so long! Thanks for your support & I apologize again for the inconvenience. :-)

  • Did not like the old captcha it gave me no end of trouble some days and comments would go poof! Stupid spammers that make such things necessary!

  • I've seen this one on other sites so hopefully it will work well here too!

  • I don't think I've had problems leaving comments on your blog before. But whatever works best for everyone!

    Speaking of comments, I thought my blog had the "email comments" option and discovered it didn't. Ugh. Fixed. I'm more likely to be disappointed without that option than having to type in verification.

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