One of the Booking Through Thursday prompts this week linked to a super-cool project by Nina Katchadourian, wherein she arranges piles of books so that their titles make some kind of sense when read from top down or left to right. Check out the link; my favorite is the "Primitive Art / just imagine / Picasso / Raised by Wolves" piece.

Booking Through Thursday invited readers to make a few sorted stacks of their own, so I made three. You should try it, too!


The civilizing process:
all about love.

I think this one is my favorite. Reading The Civilizing Process drove home to me in revolting detail just how much of "progress" is predicated on shame and methods of housekeeping. You know, really advanced stuff like "you will be embarrassed if you blow your nose on the tablecloth" and "we discourage you from pissing on the tapestries."


Beyond good and evil:
independent people
at play in the fields of the lord

I like the idea of independent people at play in the fields of the lord, but I also think it's interesting to what extent at least two of these titles are dripping with irony.


great expectations,

sense and sensibility,
fear and loathing in las vegas,
madness and civilization,

a fine balance.

This one might be a bit much, but it's still kind of cool. I think it would be even better if I could have kept to books with single-word emotive titles in the main stack, along the lines of Fury and Love. They were harder to come by than I would have thought!

I'm looking forward to perusing the list of other peoples' contributions.


  • My fave was the Picasso piece, too! And the day at the beach with the sharks! Lol. I think I'll do a second post on this one day, I had so much fun with it.

    All your stacks are perfect. I especially love the second. :D

  • I also loved the Picasso piece. And want to do this every week. So I only posted one for now. Really like the way you arranged the books here too. Beyond good and evil was my favorite. Very clever.

  • Very creative!!

  • I thought this was so much fun! I particularly like your third set - especially the way A Fine Balance is balanced. :-)

  • I love the third set! Very cool idea.

  • Thanks, everybody! Claire, I loved the sharks piece too. Frances, making this into a weekly event is a very tempting idea. :-)

  • Playing with books--I love it.

  • I love the balancing act you have going on in the last one!

  • What a great reminder of something I tend to forget: creativity knows no bounds. The creativity of playing with books and their titles makes me shake my head in a 'wow' way. Very, very, cool. :)

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