About Emily

A lifelong book lover with a craving for well-turned phrases and a delight in the absurd, I'm always on the prowl for a perfectly controlled narrative voice, one that gets stuck in my head and follows me around for days. Equally lovely to me are cozying down in a big, overstuffed Victorian epic, and skating on diamond-cut modernist lyricism. Lately I've been picking up more contemporary fiction as well, and I always have some nonfiction lying around: 18th through 20th-century European and American history, gender studies, blues and literary biographies, the history of censorship - anything that sheds a new and intriguing light on the society that grew into mine.

Telling stories with clothes is another passion of mine, and when I'm not reading or writing I'm usually to be found designing knitwear and publishing knitting patterns over at the Family Trunk Project, where each garment is inspired my an ancestor of mine.

I live in Portland, Oregon, with my super-talented partner, David Galli, the designer of this blog and the Family Trunk Project site. Quiet project time, walks with Mr. Bingley (our miniature dachshund), dinners with friends, and copious board-game-playing are a few of our favorite things. Get in touch!

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